Alamjadi Waste Disposal Sdn Bhd was established in year 1997 and the Company ‘s principal activities are as follows:

a) Garbage Disposal
b) Disposal Industrial Management
c) Rubbish Recycling
d) Transport Services

Alamjadi is currently undertaking monthly and yearly contracts from factories, apartment, food stalls and supermarket around the Klang Valley. Besides, we provide bins and collection services for those contractors to clear the construction waste which has been enforced by local authority. We are also provide lorries to pull the compactors which are placed at your premises. We have different types of lorries with powerful hook lift that can easily pull and move bins up to 20 tons. Frequency of collection, size of bins and the number of bins required will be according to your need.

We have transport lorries which are equipped with crane that can swing round, capable of lifting and moving from all different directions.

Nowadays pollution is a serious threat to our environment and it is therefore imperative for responsible company to discard the rubbish in a proper manner and for this you can always rely on our services. We are presently going to recycle all rubbish, so that there can be used again. In this way we can always maintain a clean & healthy environment.

We are the license service contractor under MBSA (Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam) since year 2004 and have an account with Alam Flora (now takeover by Umpan Jaya S/B) and have an account with Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill (KUB-BERJAYA Enviro) since year 2011. We have pleasure in enclosing herewith the photocopy of MBSA license and certificate open account from Umpan Jaya and KUB-BERJAYA Enviro, a descriptive brochure with details such as the size of bins, lorry with crane transport services for your reference/ perusal.